Maryknoll Resources about Climate Change

Path to Paris
Dear Judy,
Maryknoll is producing some valuable resources 
about climate change in advance of the Paris Summit.  
On the "JPIC Current Issues" page of our USA Ursuline Web site, 
there is information and a link to their Web site.  

The first two issues of their publication "Path to Paris" are linked there as well. The first topic is the impact of rising sea levels 
and the second topic is extreme weather and the cry of the poor.  
These are well worth reading and sharing.
Our JPIC team is developing a justice calendar for this year beginning with December 2015 as the year of Mercy begins.  Each calendar month will focus on significant dates and themes with reflective quotes from Angela and Pope Francis.  The calendar for December has already been posted on the "JPIC Calendar" page.