News from the Schools

UA New Orleans:

The 7th grade entrepreneurship class of Ursuline Academy of New Orleans participated in their very own version of Shark Tank this school year. After being introduced to basic macroeconomics - such as the laws of supply and demand and the behavior of economy around the world as a whole - the class then looked at what makes a person an entrepreneur and with this knowledge, the students began developing their own business' and created a business plan.

The goal of this study was to help students exercise their entrepreneurial muscle and learn what it takes to turn an idea into a potentially profitable business or product. Students designed a business proposal and pitched their idea to their classmates. Three final products were chosen and then produced to sell at the Academy's Spaghetti Fest. All proceeds benefited Grace at the Green Light Foundation. This non-profit provides care to the homeless in New Orleans. This spring, the students will visit the New Orleans facility during a field trip as service to their community. While there, they will help prepare the care packages that they purchased with the money from their self-made businesses. The care packages will be given to the homeless to use along bus trips that they will take in order to be reunited with family.

The three products were lavender bath bombs for dogs, mason jar cakes, and rainbow cookie sandwiches. Combined, these three products made over $1100 at Spaghetti Fest.


Highlight from the Academy of Mount St. Ursula

AMSU’s Marketing Club recently saw the completion of their goal for the #CaptainMarvelChallenge by going to see Captain Marvel with the entire school population on March 27, 2019. It was a great success and a great lesson for the young women during Women’s Empowerment Month. The idea started as an inspiration from the Black Panther Challenge that was seen all over social media in 2018 as the excitement for the movie increased. The Marketing Club decided they would like to do a similar campaign for Captain Marvel, the first woman-led Marvel film in the now decade-long Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The marketing club decided that instead of trying to raise enough funds to get their club to go to the movies, they wanted the entire school to be able to go see the movie. Not only was it more exciting to reach for the more ambitious goal, the chance to say they were the reasons they didn’t have to go to class for a day certainly gave them greater motivation. With the help and support of Ms. Linda Peri, the Executive Director of Development Jasmin Abbatiello, Development Consultant Frederick Joseph, Development Associates Doris Balbuena and Mitch Turner, and principal, Sr. Jean Marie Humphries,osu  the students created the GoFundMe page and shared it with their friends and family across social media.

As the campaign picked up steam, TicToc by Bloomberg Network and News12 Bronx noticed the young women’s efforts and featured them on their shows. That attention created by the hard work of the AMSU students culminated in actress Eva Longoria donated the final $2,000 to hit the $10,000 goal! What started as a simple idea by a handful of students in the marketing club turned into a great example of what hard work and commitment to an idea can bring to our students!