Global Education Conference Newsletter January 2014

Dear Ursuline Educator,
Turning the page to January 2014 means we can no longer say "The UES sponsored Global Education Conference is next year."   It is this year!  And it is only 5 months away!
To those of you who have registered from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Peru, Thailand, and the United States: thank you and welcome!  It is very exciting here in the UES office to open email or delivered mail to find another registration for the conference.
We don't expect to close registration for the conference, but it would be most helpful to us in our preparations if those planning to attend would send in their registrations as soon as possible.
One of the greatest gifts you will receive as a participant will be the opportunity to meet fellow Ursuline colleagues from around the world and share your common dreams for the continued success of our educational endeavors. Our languages may differ and even our cultures, but we share a common aspiration to bring the spirit of St. Angela and the Ursuline Sisters to life every day in our schools.
We are finding two common responses to our request for topics for the group discussions that will be part of the conference schedule.  A majority of suggestions center around the Ursuline charism: how it has developed and deepened in different cultures; how can schools deepen the commitment of the faculty and staff to living Ursuline values and heritage; what are the Ursuline values; what does an Ursuline education look like, feel like, sound like in the 21st Century; pedagogic aspects in the spirituality of St. Angela.
The second most popular topic indicates a widespread interest in developing more opportunities for networking and partnerships among Ursuline schools worldwide. The conference will be an ideal time for administrators and teachers to make personal connections that can develop into institutional partnerships. The worldwide Ursuline connections are of immeasurable benefit to our schools in the shrinking world of the 21st Century. 
Elisa Ryan, OSU, an Ursuline of the Central Province, has graciously consented to take responsibility for organizing the group discussions. If you have other topics to suggest, please use the space on the registration form to tell us your ideas. If you have already registered and have another topic to suggest, you can post it on our UES website  (  or email me ( 
Now that the holidays are over and we are moving forward into the long winter months, we will resume our monthly newsletter schedule.  Over the next several months we will be sending you pertinent information regarding the conference. If there is information you need that we don't' send you, please let me know so we can include it in a newsletter.  No question is too small. Sometimes it is the attention paid to the little details that make an experience the most worthwhile.
We look forward to meeting you very soon!
Judith Wimberg
Director, Ursuline Educational Services
For the Planning Committee
The  Planning Committee
Madonna O'Hara, OSU
Cathie Field Lloyd
Eileen Davidson   
Joanne Kelly        
Mimi Bishop        
Cecilia Nipp         
Rosann Whiting