Global Education Conference Newsletter, May, 2014

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May Newsletter, 2014

Dear Global Conference Participants,

I apologize for not including in the previous message that participants from Canada will be attending the conference. It was an oversight on my part. You will be happy to meet four Ursuline educators from Canadian province of Quebec.


Judith A. Wimberg
Director, Ursuline Educational Services



Dear Global Conference Participants,


It is time for last minute preparations for the Global Education Conference. Ursuline educators from 20 countries will have the opportunity to experience first hand the "globalness" of Ursuline education.


As you prepare to come to New York from Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada, South America, Central America or one of the 50 states, I have two requests.

  • We would like the participants from each country to bring with them a small item that is representative of their school or their country. We will use these in the Opening Prayer on Monday, June 16.  Everyone does not have to bring something, but we want to make sure that we have one item from each school or country. We will also display these items near our meeting room.
  • We would also like you to send us your favorite/most used image of StAngela.We will be compiling these into a power point presentation that will be shown at the conference. Please send these pictures to Eri Zubal, OSU who will be creating the presentation. Her email is  The deadline for Erin to receive the pictures is May 30.

A few other details:

  1. If you haven't sent me your travel plans, please do so as soon as possible. We are planning to meet as many participants as possible at the airport or train station. By the end of May, we will be informing you of the plans to transfer you from your point of arrival to The College of New Rochelle.
  2. Breakfast and lunch (the noon meal) will be provided Monday through Friday as part of the conference fee, as well as dinners (the evening meal) MondayTuesday and Wednesday.Monday and Tuesday we will be at the two Ursuline schools in the area. Wednesday, we will have our evening meal on the Boat as we circle Manhattan.
  3. For those who are arriving June 13, 14, early in the day on June 15 or staying after the conference concludes Friday, June 20, please be advised that no food service will be available at The College of New Rochelle on those days. There are restaurants within walking distance and we will provide directions to them. You can also take a cab. Cab fare would be in the $10-$20 range depending on the distance traveled. We will provide the names and telephone numbers for the cab companies in New Rochelle. In making your plans for the conference, please bring money or a credit card to take care of these expenses. Approximate costs of these meals: an evening meal - $25-$30; mid-day meal - $15-$20 and breakfast $10. Of course, these are estimates and you could find some restaurants more expensive and some less. In the USA a customary tip is 15% -20% of the bill.
  4. Thursday afternoon and evening are "free". No scheduled activities will take place at the College. We will offer trips to New York City that afternoon. You will be responsible for the round trip train fare to New York City ($15 in off-peak hours). Cab fare between the College and the train station in New Rochelle is about $5.  Several of the places you might visit have entrance fees.  These can range from $10-$25. You will probably want to have an evening meal in New York as well. Depending on the restaurant you choose, the cost would be in the range of $20-$40.  Please take this into account as well when you are planning your journey.   

If other questions come to mind that I have not anticipated, please let me know and I will send you the information you need.




Judith Wimberg

Director, Ursuline Educational Services

For the Planning Committee



The  Planning Committee

Madonna O'Hara, OSU 

Cathie Field Lloyd 

Eileen Davidson    

Joanne Kelly         

Mimi Bishop         

Cecilia Nipp          

Rosann Whiting