Global Sisterhood Project

This year at the Student Leadership Conference we gave the title, "Global Girl Day" to the third and final day of our time together.  Meghan Clarke (graduate of Cincinnati Ursuline Academy) who owns her own consulting firm in Cincinnati led the students in activities geared toward an awareness of and appreciation for diversity and inclusion. As part of the program, the students viewed sections of the film, Girl Rising.  With this as background the students researched several agencies that serve women and children around the world who are live in poverty and unaided would not be able to live and thrive. The students were divided into 5 groups and each group was assigned an agency/program to research. Then each group presented the work of "their" agency to the whole group, explaining why this should be the agency to receive support from the Ursuline schools. See attached files below.

The students voted to support an agency whose goal is to provide education for Afghan girls. You can learn about it through their website:

 The end result of our Global Girl Day is to  promote the participation of all the Ursuline high schools in this endeavor. All Ursuline high schools are invited to join with each other in the Sisterhood Project. The students began the discussion of how they might bring this project to life in their schools, but much more time and effort is needed for this project to become a reality. We asked the students to talk with the administration in their schools to plan how this project can be incorporated into the life of their school in the 2014-15 school year. 

 Thank you in advance for working with your student leaders to make an all-Ursuline Sisterhood Project a reality. As the school year goes on, I will be asking you for your comments on this project so that we can improve it in subsequent Student Leadership Conferences. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

Judy Wimberg

 PS The 2015 Student Leadership Conference in 2015 will be in Cleveland, June 22-26.  Thank you to our host, Beaumont School.

See comments below from Meghan Clarke facilitator of Ursuline's Student Leadership Conference: