The Board of Trustees for Ursuline Education Network is composed of fourteen members who are administrators or teachers at Ursuline schools. The role of the Board is to:

  1. express the organization’s mission and purpose
  2. ensure effective strategic planning
  3. provide adequate resources for the organization to achieve its mission
  4. ensure financial stability
  5. evaluate the services and programs UEN offers
  6. hire the Director of UEN and evaluate that person’s performance.

Board members can email the board at

Rosann Whiting-Director UEN

Rosann Whiting-Director UEN

Ursuline Education Network
P.O. Box 8507
Paducah, KY 42002
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Nichole Flores-Board Chair

St. Ursula Academy
Toledo, OH

Michele K. Bernot - Board Vice-Chair

Assistant Principal
Beaumount School
Cleveland Heights, OH

Jim Koehler-Treasurer

Chief Financial Officer
Ursuline Academy
Dallas, TX
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Carrie Wentzel - Secretary

Assistant Principal, Dean of Faculty
Sacred Heart Academy

Louisville, KY
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Rachel Choquette Kemper.

Rachel Choquette Kemper

Director of Global and Service Learning
Saint Ursula Academy

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Sr. Meghan McCardle OSU

Sr. Meghan McCardle OSU

Academy of Mount St. Ursula
The Bronx, NY
Dr. Trisha Medeiros.

Dr. Trisha Medeiros

Ursuline Academy
Wilmington, Delaware

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Photo of Dr. Colleen Melnyk.

Dr. Colleen Melnyk

The Ursuline School
New Rochelle, New York

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Joni Mullen

Ursuline Academy
St. Louis, MO
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Ramona Payne

Ursuline Academy
Cincinnati, OH
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Peggy McCormick Platz.

Peggy McCormick Platz

Associate Director
Ursuline Education Network
9806 Delray Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45242

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Mary Kate Tracy Robidoux

Mary Kate Tracy Robidoux

Ursuline Academy
Dedham MA
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Julie Scherer.

Julie Scherer

St. Ursula Villa
Cincinnati, Ohio

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Stacy Shoulta.

Stacy Shoulta

Director of Mission and Theology
Mount Merici Academy
Waterville, Maine

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Ms Julia Waters.

Ms Julia Waters

Ursuline High School

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Christy Zurcher

Christy Zurcher
Ursuline Academy
New Orleans, LA
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Former Board Members

In addition to the inaugural members, the following have served as members of the Board of Trustees:

  • Dianne Baumunk, OSU
  • Rosemary Beirne
  • Mary Bender
  • Mimi Bishop
  • Jill Cahill
  • Joanne Callahan OSU
  • Julie Carver
  • Lois Castillon, OSU
  • Lisa Clody
  • Kathleen Condry, OSU
  • Mary Kay Conkey, OSU
  • Dr. Cynthia Crabtree
  • Eileen Davidson
  • Kim Harper DiMarco
  • Polly Duplace
  • Christine Ferrarri
  • Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick
  • Donna Frey, OSU
  • Gertrude Goldman, OSU
  • Kent Halaby
  • Jill Hallahan
  • Jacquelyn Herpy, OSU *
  • Patricia Homan, OSU
  • Jean Marie Humphries, OSU
  • Francis Kearney, OSU *
  • Joanne Kelly.
  • Carol Killlebrew
  • Paula Kleine-Kracht, OSU
  • Cathie Field Lloyd
  • Megan McArdle, OSU
  • Peggy McCormick Platz
  • Jane McGee
  • Karen McNay
  • Dennis Maas
  • Patricia Meisner
  • Mark Michalski
  • Pam Mueller, OSU
  • Madonna O’Hara, OSU
  • Susan Mary Rathbun, OSU
  • Mary Beth Read OSU
  • Clara Reid, OSU
  • Patricia Rhoten, OSU
  • Judith Rice, OSU
  • Carol Shively, OSU
  • Pat Schfini,OSU
  • Shriley Gaede Speaks
  • Mari Thomas
  • Judith Virtue
  • Doris Therese Walbridge, OSU *
  • Mary Whelan
  • Rosann Whiting
  • Rosemary Winkeljohann, OSU *
  • Judith Wimberg
  • Erin Zubal, OSU

* deceased