More News from Global Conference in South Africa

Ursuline educators from 15 countries have gathered at Brescia House School in Johannesburg this week. Some were at the New York conference in 2014, many more are new faces, Talks have been inspiring and informative, Plus time for fun too - and delicious food all day long!

The participants were divided into small groups and led on a campus scavenger hunt. Lots of walking - this is a huge and beautiful campus - including a swimming pool, tennis courts and fields for soccer and field hockey.
I love the hats the students wear. 

Beautiful statue of St. Angela

At our authentic African dinner last night , a face painter offered her services and everyone participated, even your truly.

Conference room with flags.

Took time today to visit the Apartheid Museum, The displays offer a complete history of the build up to apartheid, what happened during that time and how the great change occurred. South Africa today is a tribute to the leaders who put the country ahead of themselves in leading the change in the 90s. Inspirational for sure. The tribute to Nelson Mandela is at the entrance to the museum.

Following a panel of Ursulines who live/work in Africa we were divided into country groups to discuss the challenges the sisters presented. Do we share them? Yes we do, maybe not as severely but we are not immune from the issues facing other countries — equality of opportunity for example.

As soon as we. Enter Brescia House School we feel at home - seeing representations of St Angela and St Ursula. These are just two of many around the Campus.

Thursday morning we were at St. Ursula's . The prayer service was led by the delegation from Taiwan  in the school's chapel

On Soweto Tour:

Two young men who grew up in Kliptown have developed programs to help the children. This is a computer lab where classes are offered daily. They also have a kitchen where they prepare two meals per day for the children. These efforts are a light of hope in a dismal life.

One of the stops on the tour was a dwelling labeled as Nelson Mandela's home. Actually he only lived there 11 days after being released from prison. His second wife, Winnie,  lived there so it was really her home.

On the Soweto tour. This is a settlement of 45,000 living in aluminum shacks. Many are refugees from other African nations. Children enjoy playing inthe late afternoon.

Last Conference:

A graduate of Brescia House school addressed the delegates this morning. Her passion is a Save the Rhinos. She plans to be an entrepreneur and thus provide jobs for many. She continues to be inspired by the Ursuline values she learned at Brescia House.

On Way Home:

Karen McNay, president of Ursuline Academy, New Orleans  and Allison Hinkle, Drama teacher at St. Ursula Academy, Cincinnati in the airport waiting for the flight to Atlanta.