UEN Athletic Awards

Each year, students from each of the Ursuline schools in the United States are nominated by their faculty for achievements in athletics.  These young women have excelled by demonstrating great "spirit" or by their scholastic achievements.  Athletic Directors from each of the schools have submitted the names and Ursuline Education Network has recognized them in award ceremonies held on their respective campuses.  We proudly salute the following young women as receiving the SPIRIT OF ST. ANGELA AWARD:  Juliet Moore (UA-Dallas), Kate Ford (UA-New Orleans), Katherine Woodworth (UA-Dedham), Evelyn Krebs (UA-Cincinnati), Kiera Dunne (UA-St. Louis), Molly Passow (Beaumont), Annie Bennett (SUA-Toledo), Anna Buse (Sacred Heart), Grace Scheve (SUA-Cincinnati), Georgette Ann Consentino (The Ursuline School-New Rochelle), Kaitlin Burns (UA-Wilmington) and Leany Hernandez (AMSU-BRONX).  
The students recognized for their academic achievement received the Ursuline Education Network Scholar Athlete designation.  They are:  Rachel Kennedy (UA-Dallas), Ying Stock-Bordnick (UA-New Orleans), Nicole Olson (UA-Dedham), Ali Bernard (UA-Cincinnati), Shelby Mead (UA-St. Louis), Ella Lisac (Beaumont), Kelly Felix (SUA-Toledo), Lilly Terrell (Sacred Heart), Adreanna Oelrich (SUA-Cincinnati), Fiona Galvin (The Ursuline School-New Rochelle), Emily Newcomb (UA-Wilmington), and Christy Nguyen (AMSU-Bronx).
Congratulations to each of these award recipients!